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Dog lovers unite

Meet Rose  (Rosie when she may have been up to no good)
Have you met our new addition to our family? Her name is Rosie and she's a doll. 

My dad found her online and sent us the link. The rest was history. Just kidding.

Any animal is a responsibility. I tend to be the voice of reason but Mike really wanted her. 
We are going through some personal stuff in our lives right now (more on that later) and didn't think the timing was ideal. I'll touch on the details in October.
When we saw her, heard her story - it was a done deal. She was soo affectionate! Our main concern was Reese. How is she going to do with our other dog who's turning 5 in January. Reese is obsessed with Mike. I knew he would be quite jealous if our attention went to another dog. We see it already when we are at the dog park.
Back end of Reese's story. Kristine decided she wanted a bernese puppy. I told her she was nuts, she kept trying to convince me but I worked like 90 hours a week. It would be next…

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