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Lovin' the Fall livin'

Well, looks like my bi-weekly posts aren't going to plan. Who's got time for anything these days.

Fall is MY ultimate favourite time of year. Every year, it creeps up right after my birthday.

Let's hop to it, shall we.

What's been happening over here?

We re-did our roof. Welcome to "adulting" - Where an effing roof is a joyful purchase. The only thing I was excited for was to take a look at the beautiful colour options. They had a great selection.  Like, that was the masterpiece of it. Then I would take my coffee out to simply look at it in awe for 10 minutes when it was done for a week straight.  In all honesty, we knew the roof was due when we bought our house. My dad knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. You know? I recently spoke to about 50 of the graduates of the fitness and health promotions at Algonquin. I love speaking about this industry. It's effortless and priceless. It's very straight forward - you have to love it, live it and brea…

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